Sunday, August 9, 2009

Semi Boring Basement Update

The pictures below do not in any way do justice to the amount of work that has been done in the basement. Why is it that the most time consuming and intricate jobs are ones that can take forever and look like nothing has changed? Next week the drywall goes in and then the place will really begin to take shape!

Insulation looks like cotton candy. I had to have a discussion with the kids about the importance of staying far away from this enticing stuff.

these wires = Mike's media room.

Mike's Dad has been so helpful. I feel at ease knowing he is overseeing this whole project. What a blessing!! Here Dad is giving Mike a list of supplies to purchase. Can you see the bathtub in the background? It is in at this point but no plumbing yet....

there's the plumbing! Yay! We have water in the basement.

I will update with photos once the drywall is up and we have actual walls and rooms!

On a more inspirational, girly note, the girls and I are having a great time dreaming and planning for their bedrooms. Mikayla even wrote a blog post on her blog all about it!


Levecks said...

wow! lookin great! can't wait to have a girls movie night in the media room! :)

whereyouleadme said...

can't believe this is all coming together so quickly..good job at keeping us updated! I bet your excited to get down to the real fun stuff!

Good job guys!!!