Saturday, August 22, 2009

And The Painting Continues!

I loved the living room color so much, I requested that we also paint the dining room!

Mike got right on it. Here he is preparing the wall!

The drywall in the basement is getting sanded on Sunday and then it will be time to paint!! The girls have chose their wall colors and I have picked a shade for the bathroom. The only decision left is what color to paint the large "media room". Any suggestions??


Grandpa Russ said...

Hey -

Aren't painters supposed to wear all white??



Levecks said...

notice the 'white painters pants ;)'

You musta caught your man on a good day.. gettin right on paintin a wall.... nice work.
I should suggest a couple walls at my house i'd like painted and see what happens..haha...(i can predict the answer "go ahead").

The Hayes Family said...

Love the color!