Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cait's Hands

Our little girl is starting to discover her hands. This is the first item she has been able to hold and play with a little bit. The girls and I were all right there enjoying every minute of her self discovery!

Cait is sitting in her chair with her baby doll. The night Mikayla was born, my Mom left the hospital and returned with a soft pink baby doll because she was so thrilled it was a girl and HAD to get her a dolly. Everyone of my girls has a soft pink baby doll tucked away in their baby boxes. I think I'll carry that tradition along with my grandchildren one day. What special items have your kids received?
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Levecks said...

awww.. great story, I'm waiting for the day to share with you those special items ;)


whereyouleadme said...

you and your mom are so good at traditions..very inspirational!

I love the photo did you do that?