Thursday, March 26, 2009

Special Kitchen Time

The kids have been on Spring Break for two weeks. Although they eat a lot more and I have much less time to myself, I have quite enjoyed having my big girls at home and I have really enjoyed having no place to agenda!

The girls are so great at reading books to Maddie and Caleb, preparing snacks, playing outside...they just make everything more fun for the little ones. I will be a little sad to send them back to school on Monday!!

At the first of the year, we started the girls with an allowance. Along with that privilege, we created some expectations that are mandatory in our home. Keeping the rooms tidy and putting their coats on the hooks, well, we won't talk about how those simple tasks are going...BUT the dinner clean up has been going really well and I am thrilled with the difference it has made in our home! (and my workload :)

We started by dividing the chores; clearing table, washing dishes and drying dishes. They alternate every night. There was some whining but we muddled through it and they can do it without a peep now. It is so great to see them all working together in the kitchen!!

I felt so blessed by their help and encouraged by how much they can actually do that I decided to add a new helper...every night, one of the girls is my "kitchen helper" and she stays in the kitchen with me from start to finish of the dinner preparation. The girls have all learned how to wash and cut and peel all different vegetables, boil eggs, flip, stir and poke different types of cooking dinner dishes, and how to get it all to the table. I thought this would be a learning experience for them but I have gained so much from having one on one time with them. They like to chat with me all by themselves and I have appreciated having special time to hear what they have to say and being available to give them my full attention. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Over Spring Break, the "kitchen helper" job has morphed into an all day privilege. The girl of the day wants to help prepare snacks, lunches and bake a special treat. Here is the fruit of Mailee's "kitchen helper" labor...

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Grandpa Russ said...

What a wonderful family you and Mike have, Colleen! I am SO proud of you all!