Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Loving My Pandora

The kids and I took some photos today for fun. The subject: My Pandora bracelet.

Open it up Maddie, see what's inside...

"Mom's fancy bracelet!"

These Pandora bracelets are the new alternative to a charm bracelet...instead of charms, they have beads that can be added. I love it!
my beads:
-The three pink glass beads represent my 3 girls...the one with flowers is Mailee's, everyone agrees on this. The other two, well, the girls can't agree, they both like the swirly one!
- a little girl bead to represent my daughters
-a little boy bead to represent my son
-the bead in between the kid beads is birthstone, from Mike for Christmas

-a house given to me by my mom when we moved into our home
-a rhino to represent Rhino Chiropractic (a symbol of taking charge of our health )
- "c" bead for Colleen and also Caleb...(and soon Caitlyn as well)
-a cake bead to represent my cake-making passion (new bead from Mom for Christmas...probably my favorite one :)
- 5 fun beads, just because my mom has good taste :) I guess i could choose one of those to represent each of my kids but they would probably argue about that too so maybe I'll just leave them un-titled!!
I also have these two, sometimes I rotate them on the bracelet...
-"m" bead for Michael, and Mikayla, and Mailee and Maddie
-blue glass bead to represent Caleb
This is such a fun collection! Moms, if you don't have one, I highly recommend you start hinting (wink wink)'s a great thing the family can add to at special occasions!! my kids love looking at the beads and talking about them!

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