Monday, March 16, 2009

More Special Birthdays

I have a problem. I started a little tradition of honoring the important people in my life on their birthdays here on the blog. That was going semi well...sometimes the posts were not on their actual birthdays but they were at least in the same month. Well I have gotten way behind now. Every time I sit down to post anything on the blog, the first thing that comes to mind is the list of special people who's birthdays have come and gone without even a mention here on the blog.
I really like taking a moment to reflect on why someone is important to me, or to remember all of their special qualities and of course, search for fun photos of them. I think realistically, with my current status, (33 weeks pregnant and not comfortable sitting at the computer for long amounts of time) I need to take that "pressure" off of myself. I apologize to all of you who's birthdays fall during my sparse blogging!!

On this note, let me go backwards and show you who has turned a year older in my life since the beginning of February....

"Uncle Matt"

Jason AND Tammy

"Uncle Brian"

and on Brian's birthday, we got a brand new nephew...

Jakob William Long!

My brother Eric and his wife Sarah's first baby. They live in Germany. We will get to see them and hold Jakob in May at my cousin's wedding!!

And yesterday, my best Friend Gretchen turned 31...Happy Birthday!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Hey, I just found out something! Your kid's Uncle Brian and new cousin Jakob share the same birthday! WhooHoo!!

colleen banman said...

I wrote that post with 4 kids whining for a snack at the same time. I missed some key birthdays! Thanks Dad :)