Friday, August 15, 2008

"Alone Time" with Mikayla

Mikayla loves "alone time". She asks us frequently if she can have alone time with one of us. She is intense about it... (as she is with many things) So today it worked out for the two of us to sneak out for a few hours. In the van as we were driving she mentioned that she loved alone time even if we just do errands. She is such an exceptional little girl. I feel bad that her big girl ideas and needs are often pushed to the wayside because I am in the center of the business with the younger kids. I also feel sad cause we place so much responsibility on her little shoulders, we have such high expectations cause with her this parenting thing is a trial run. I believe God chose us to be her parents and He has equipped us to do the job. I pray that I can listen and be receptive to the best way to encourage her and nurture her into the loving, compassionate, patient woman I hope she will one day be. SO...(wiping away the tear:)...on to the events of the it is, as always, in pictures!!

Um Hm, that's right, it's a blended creme mocha frapachino with whip!
(and an oat fudge bar that had already been devoured!!)

Holding up the goods- a new reading light to clip to her books for night time- we'll be returning it tomorrow, it is too bright according to Mikayla!

We had a great time together and she is always so settled and content for a few hours after a little one on one time. It's like her love tank is full...hmm, perhaps I have discovered her love language!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Special times, special memories, they all add up.

I think I see a special Saturday lunch with Grandpa coming up soon in Mikayla's future!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks mom! I love you!