Monday, May 26, 2008

So Frustrated

My internet has been teasing me all day. It lets me on long enough to get a taste and then logs me off again. So cruel. It is also shocking how desperate I am to be on the internet!!! Perhaps if I could be on I wouldn't want to so bad but because it is not an option, I wait, agonizing over all the things I could be doing online. Sighing and tapping my fingers as I try again, and again....

What if the whole world wide web stopped one day? What would happen to all that information???? I've never had the inspiration to ponder such a thing till today, when my internet is down and I am feeling the pain and anguish of being unable to access the unlimited-ness (I think I made that word up:) that is the internet.

Ah but for a moment here, I am back online, typing away! I will just embrace this space in time, however short it may be, and enjoy this world where nobody needs a snack, a clean shirt, a lunch or their bum wiped...all too soon the buzzer will go on the dryer right about the time the internet logs me off again and I will have no excuse to procrastinate any longer!

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