Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Spirit

Mailee Joy is the free spirit in our bunch. She does things her own way, thank you very much! In the past week alone, I have captured 3 glorious moments of Mailee exercising her right to free, um, spiritedness!
New goggles being put to good use on a school field trip

I love her tiny legs with these big rubber boots, and choice of the frilly top and skirt to go outside and play in the mud!

It was really sunny so she is squinting but you can still apreciate the bike, it is the smallest size you can get. Maddie's is bigger but Mailee is happy on this one and does not want to upgrade. These shoes are perfectly cute but for no apparent or explainable reason she has refused to wear them for the past 4 months and then on this particular day she was scrambling around to find them cause she HAD to wear them with this outfit!! Also note the rock and roll scarf complimenting the ensemble. She wears this scarf quite often because "it flows in the wind" .

I am so thankful for Mailee and how comfortable she is with what she likes and how she likes it. She is such a sweet and fun girl! Although I have fought her a bit over her wardrobe choices, I am learning to appreciate and embrace her unique sense of style and beginning to realise how integral that is to the special person that she is!

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