Monday, May 26, 2008

A New Bridge for Kelowna

Yesterday was an historic day here in Kelowna. Our town cut the ribbon on the new bridge and all us curious Canadians(I use this term loosly of course) were allowed loose on the bridge to walk the length and I suppose "check it out" for ourselves.
Our personal family pilgrimage was enjoyed by all and will no doubt be one of those memories that won't soon be forgotten. When HWY 41 in Fresno was built, my dad took me and my brother for a bike ride before it opened. That must have been at least 15 years ago and I have not forgotten!!:) In case the memory begins to fade, here are some fuzzy pictures off of my cell phone. (did I forget to mention, my camera died at the dance show, perhaps it was on strike from over-use??!!)
The Banman Family, now official "Westsiders" are quite happy with the new bridge that is promising to shave minutes off our travel time to and from work and school!!

Out with the old... can you see the old bridge, in all it's disrepair, over to the right?

It was a family affair. We actually walked to and from the Dolphins

(which only means something to a handfull of people whom might be reading this blog as you would have to come to Kelowna to understand it:)

Here is a better picture of the old bridge, to the was a drawbridge or something like that...the kind that stops traffic everytime a measly sailboat wants to pass under.

I quite like this photo because you can see all the people walking the bridge. That will never happen again! Very cool.

The new bridge has lower railings which allows motorists a plesant view of the lake as opposed to the old bridge which displayed an entire kilometer of cement walls!

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Bev said...

Hey, I know where the dolphins are! Cool comentary and great link to the bridge wevb site!