Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Dayz

The snow is dumping down like crazy here.

Does it snow where you live?
It's such a beautiful experience to see everything be transformed by a sparkly white blanket of fresh snow.

I'm always reminded of Narnia.

As a kid growing up in California, snow was something we intentionally drove to for the sole purpose of "going to the snow".
There were "bibs", "moon boots" and gloves involved.
Oh and chains were required to get us there.
It was a production and at the end of the very long, fun but extremely cold and tiring day we would come home to a bare driveway and pack the snow gear up for the next planned snow day.
Not here people.
When we get home we shovel the PILES of fresh snow off our driveway before we go inside to make dinner.  
And the snow gear lives in the entry way for 6 months of the year.

We live in the snow.

It's so different than visiting once a season!

It is so beautiful. 

One of the perks to living in a place that snows is having an opportunity daily to appreciate another one of God's amazing, creative and majestic miracles...instead of grumbling about the shovelling.
{not that I would ever do THAT}

This year we are choosing JOY!

The fluffy white stuff floats down like feathers.
Everything is silent.



Brighton Helms said...
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Dara Wills said...

That picture of your daughter jumping is just precious! I am totally envious of all the snow, send some down to Portland, will you? And you're right, it looks like Narnia.

The Luedtke Family said...

We are something like 326 days without a measured snowfall of at least 1 inch!!! It is driving all of us entirely crazy! We want the snow; and it seems to be falling all around us.

Having grown up in WI and MN, this snow drought is no fun.

I like living in snow, not driving to the snow!!!

Anonymous said...

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