Saturday, January 5, 2013

Insta-Friday December Recap

Our December was full of fun.  
Here's a few of our favourite moments..

Popcorn stringing

Nutcracker Ballet with the big girls

Gingerbread cookies

Card making

Unhappy babies on Santa's knee and one unwilling 13 year old not in the picture.

Sending love to friends and family in the States.

Cute little treats for Mike's office

Discovered some new braids

Made some to-die-for hot chocolate

More beautiful braids

Lots of extra time to play with Caity

This girl danced in a big Christmas Eve production at a church in town.
The commitment was huge the two weeks before Christmas.
She had a great time being a part of the show.  She is always looking for new opportunities to dance!

Only 5 kids checking out the Christmas lights due to above dance commitments:)

Mads dressed up for Christmas Eve service.

Opening a little family present.
{we have an advent quilt. In past years I have filled it with little presents but this year I stuffed a note with an activity for the day written on it.  All the activities you see above were announced to the kids in the quilt on the appropriate day.  Some days, the kids were given a family gift..this one was a new Christmas CD.  Another day it was a new family game.}

Tradition for many generations in my family.
But I'm pretty sure they never used coconut sugar or spelt flour:)

Sweetie pie in her Christmas dress

Mikayla bought each of her sisters a book for Christmas.
She thoughtfully picked each one.
Both girls loved their books and read through them very quickly.

Taylor Swift tickets!!!!

More braids!

Cool snowman.
Caleb is awesome at rolling gigantic snowballs!

Playing with Bree's new mermaid Lalaloopsy.
Now she has one just like sissy...which makes bath time much more peaceful!

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Brooke L. said...

I'm so glad you figured out your storage problem! I really do enjoy reading your blog =) I came across it through pintrest a while back. Someone had pinned one of your adorable birthday candles and I thought it was such a great idea! I've been reading ever since. As the woman in Michael's said, your blog inspires me! It inspires me to do more with my family and be a better person. You have such a beautiful and genuinely wholesome family and I wish I could see more of that in the world today.
God Bless,
(Oops! had to delete my original comment I posted under the wrong name.... apparently she was sill logged in!)