Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Weekend In Vancouver, And A Wedding

  The whole family spent the weekend in Vancouver.
Trips with the entire family are soo fun!!

How many family members can YOU fit in an elevator???

We all stayed at the River Rock and they had the best hotel pool/slide/hot tub combo that we have experienced in Canada.
{and let me tell you, my children are self-proclaimed experts on this topic}

Can you see the slide in the background?
Check out our cushy robes!

Cousin time is abundant on family trips!!

The purpose of this trip was to attend Shelley's wedding.

Here are a few of the details.

10 adorable cousins all lined up!

Caiters was an hour past nap time at this point and quite unwilling to be happy about a photo session.
{I am sure we will look back and laugh but I never feel like this sort of uprising is funny at the time.}

PS..I realise my son is untucked. It's not ideal, I know but I'm choosing my battles carefully these days people:)

Grandma Crick was able to make it somewhat better for Caity.

Purely for cuteness, here's a look at my little Cambria.

Happy, happy little girl.

Still happy.
The bow didn't last outside the hotel room.
She's not a bowhead.

Here's our prom shot.

That's one pretty bride:)


Shelley and Caleb

Sister shot.

Driving to the wedding.
{notice the toddler finally got her nap}

See those feathers in my lap?


Those my friends are attached to this.
The cake.
Which I baked in Kelowna,
assembled and decorated in the hotel room.
While 7 members of my family were getting ready. 
{insert props to amazing helpful husband here}
All that work and the only pic I got was this one...with my phone.
It had a monogram with their initials that you can't even see in the pic.

Anyways, back to the wedding...

The beautiful bride walking down the isle.

Cutting the cake.

My Caleb getting tossed around a bit by some crazy uncles.

Some cute party girls:)

Baby corner.
Cambi played nicely with her baby cousin and a little friend.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Cambi tells Jamin how to eat a grape.

The kids loved this awesome curved escalator.

Here's me and the trusty phone.  
Regrettably,  I take fewer pictures with my DSLR because this bad girl is so much more compact and convenient.

When I look through my pictures after an event, I am never as satisfied with the shots that come off my phone.  I was looking for a fantastic picture of Cambria recently and I realized most of her baby pictures are off my phone.

I really must change this.
I want some extra time.
Just a couple hours to set up a little photo shoot.
Oh and a babysitter/nanny to keep the other kids away while I do that.
Oh- and some sunlight too, If I may be so bold.

How do you balance smart phone/ real camera???


Meadow Brianna said...

Looks like you had such a fun time!! I love all your photos, phone or fancy. Wowza on the cake making/assembly/transport!

Tammy Stang said...

well done! love the pics.

Christa said...

Oh, I'm so with you! My pics of Gabriel are almost all on the phone. It's a shame on one hand, because they're not as good. The bonus is, I have more everyday shots and share them a bit more easily. It is high time for a good photo shoot, however.

colleen banman said...

thanks Meadow and Tam! yes Christa, our poor neglected last-born babies! It's tough living in a smartphone world!!

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