Friday, March 23, 2012

Cambria Is Almost One

Little Cambria is closing in on her first birthday!

Here's a funny little sequence of photos in an attempt to capture her baby-ness on my real camera.

Baby with the ruffle bum, come back here!

I love when she sit on her knees like this to play! comes the big sister.
Clearly she's a professional at smiling for the camera...

...and really good at the choke hold!

Ok- watch the apple in the next few pictures.
The apple was Cambi's bribe.
The only thing that would get her to stay put for my pictures.

Uh oh.

"hey sissy... that's mine!"

(Cait looking at me to see if I have noticed what she's done)

Such funny little interactions between these two little ladies!

"Caity took my apple!"

She's outta here.
No more pictures.

One more glance back to be sure that I know she means business!

What a cutie!

We love our baby to pieces.
She gets kissed NON STOP.
We talk for her and tote her around and ooh and ahh over everything she does.

Some of her nicknames are:
Bree Baby

I know she does not care about her first birthday but I sure am excited to celebrate this sweet little blessing!

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