Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Whole Lotta Love

The last few days have been filled with pink and red and hearts and LOVE!

A Starbucks cup-o-love.

Fancied up eggs.

An awesome verse for us to ponder this week.
{it's written in RED...looks orange in this pic?!?!}

Mike gave the kids a little assignment for biology.
Check out the title:)

Little Caity opening a little something...

Mailee set the table beautifully for our Valentine's dinner 
{on Monday night...tonight the girls have dance late}

On the menu:
Mike has been asking me to make this for oh, about 8 years.
Not sure why it took me so long!?!?


Mike brought roses home for all the girls.
Caleb asked where his were.
{Cambria shared}

Check out my gorgeous roses from Mike!!

Little tarts taste best with little heart shaped spoons:)

How appropriate, Cambi started giving open mouth kisses this week!
I love baby kisses!

This afternoon we had a little extended family Valentines party.
Here are the cousins helping Jamin celebrate his first Valentine's day!
{Cambria was snoozing}

The home made valentines were in abundance.

Special treats the Stangs brought!

Aunty Terri is always a pleasure to have at parties.
She always dresses the part.

Soup in pink bowls.
Makes sense!

Our paint chip bookmark crafts turned out great!
The kids all added their own spin to this simple project.

"Sew" cute!

Cute baby kisses!
{okay okay, Cambria needed a *little* help going along with this little photo shoot}

Have a happy Valentine's Day!!

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Bev said...

I love all that LOVE!!!