Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazing Frost

Okay there is some kind of amazing frost going on here.
It's beautiful.

I've never seen anything like it.
I'm entranced.

Look at the trees behind our house!
It's not snow, it's frost.

The kids and I decided to get outside and embrace another one of God's amazing creations.

Snuggled up.

Look!  Six smiles, six pairs of OPEN eyes...WOW!

Playing "peek-a-boo".

The girls can get their brother to do anything if they present it in the right way.
Today it was the red scarf.
He wasn't into it but they told him it was a good idea.

Maddie can't stop talking about her birthday.  
The countdown is on.
March 4 can't come soon enough:)

I was too lazy to edit these. 
 The colorless background is really what it looked like.

We love you.

Caity strikes a pose with her big sissy.

There always has to be a jumping shot!


It was really cold but we couldn't get enough of this amazing scene.

New pose!
The kids thought this was hilarious!
{sidenote: Cambria is eating a rock in this picture}

The frost was soo tasty:)

Smiley Mailee

Leader of the pack!

I wonder why God made this kind of frost?
It wasn't necessary.
I like to think that He still would have created it if our enjoyment today was the only reason!!

Thank you Lord for your attention to detail!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Very, very cool, and terrific photos! Truly amazing what God & Mother Nature can come up with, isn't it?

It looks like Caleb lost his first tooth??

Hugs from Fresno, where it was 62 with cloudy sunshine today. . .

Terri said...

love how you seize the moment and venture out into the cold to capture the moments!

love that the kids pop outta the pic! your a great photographer!

I had a good laugh at cambria eating the rock!! :)

Fairytale Pumpkin said...

Great shots!

Bev said...

These are some absolutely beautiful photos!! Of course I love seeing the kids...but that frost! I have never seen anything like it!! I am so glad that you share your photos, adventures and experiences! It makes me feel like I don't miss so much. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you email me how you made your friendship bracelet with the loop & button closure. I saw theclink for the printable tag but wasn't sure on how to make the actual's adorable! Thanks so much! My email is