Monday, November 7, 2011

What It Looks Like When 3 kids Change Rooms

Two weekends ago Mike and Caleb got to fly down to California and take in a college football game.
Stanford Vs. USC.

The girls and I took the guy-free weekend and went to town on our house.
We cleared out the craft room, moved Mikayla into her own room, Maddie into Mikayla's spot, and Caitlyn in with Caleb.

Here are the results...

Caleb's room "BEFORE"
(I put it in quotes because this is actually after hours of de-cluttering and two garbage bags)

Maddie, Caitlyn and Cambria's room BEFORE

Caleb and Caity's room AFTER
{we modified this arrangement because Cait woke up stuck under Caleb's bed.  She's quite the mover!  Bunk beds is the eventual goal.}

For the first time, the boy toys and girl toys are all in one room!!

I have two amazing quilt tops that are family heirlooms.  They have similar fabrics but different patterns. If you have any tips on how to finish them, I am interested!
{I'm talking someone else finish them...not me!}

Cait's babies.

Just documenting the shared closet at the clean state.  It may never look like this again!

These two were so excited at this point but by bedtime things weren't so happy.  Cait was crying "I want my old bed" and Caleb was crying "get her out of my room!"

I think it will be fun for them to share.
I want Caleb to get to experience sharing a room.

Cambria's room AFTER.
A baby room!  Yay!
She can cry her little heart out and she won't disturb a soul.  This is a good thing.  Babies need to sleep and this baby is going to be so happy with her new routine.

This is every size she will wear until she's 2.  I'm just moving Cait's clothes in once they don't fit her.

I have no BEFORE pic for the basement.  It was just a dropping zone.  For those who have been to our house, here are pics of the happy clean and functional basement!

A play corner with a kitchen and dollhouse. 
A table for coloring.

At one time this closet was filled to the brim with chiropractic goods.
Then it had miscellaneous hockey equipment and broken furniture.
{This is not an exaggeration.  I pulled out two broken lamps, one broken fan and a bed with more missing pieces than present ones}

The girls and I made some "hard" decisions to get rid of the "hoarder-ish"items and then created a  functional storage closet.
One the right is the "craft shelf".
On the left are the clothing {in other sizes} bins and dress up bins are at the top for easy access.

The Barbies got a more prominent place.
Mailee took the time to dress them all and select each one's position.
{ie. the ones she likes best are way at the top where little hands can not reach}

Maddie Faith in her new grown up room downstairs!

Maddie's babies.

She even has a special place to hang her quilt that GG made!

I have photos of the big girls and their room transformations too but they have their own blogs so you'll get to hear all about those changes in their own words!


Jones Family said...

wow what a transformation!! I am SO proud of you for bringing Caleb into the 'sharing a room' experience! Wonderful! I love how organized everything is.. Inspiring! x0

Bev said...

Beautiful!! What alot of work, and such good results!