Friday, August 12, 2011

Fresno Zoo 2011

We live in a town without a zoo.
I think the closest zoo is about 4 hours away.
Whenever we go to a town with a zoo, I like to take the kids.

Because we studied the countries and cultures around the world this year, we had fun seeing the animals from all climates and continents.

Oh and the best part about our trip to the zoo?
The Obwalds came with us!!

Apparently this bear is usually not very active...or visible.
On this day, we got to watch her move all around and also go for a swim.
The kids were glued to her.

Little Caity loved the seals.  This is the pose she made while asking  
"tan you take a pit-cher o me an da seal?"

Special friends!
This visit all the kids really connected and had a great time together.

Special friends.

Caleb was excited to see a real tiger up close!

Look at this guy, it's like he was posing for me!

The mandatory Fresno Zoo photo opp.

Can you guess the color scheme?
Neon seems to be the hot color this summer for my kids.
Funny, I remember it being the hot color for me 20+ years ago!

Caity liked Nosey the Elephant.

My monkey sitting on a monkey.

8 crazy kiddos.

In the afternoon we said goodbye to our friends, ate lunch in the park and went back in the zoo.
 For 3 more hours.
Just me and the six.

Checking out the birds in the canopy.


Big sister, Little sister.

The temperature was hot outside.
 The misters in the Rainforest felt so good!

Looking for poisonous Dart frogs.
We learned about these little guys this year in school.
It seemed like the kids were more engaged on this Zoo trip than in the past, like their better understanding of eco systems and habitats made the experience make more sense.
As the teacher I like to think that's the case:)

Can you see the animal in this photo?

For Daddy.

Flamingoes were a big hit.
We saw them during feeding time.

Thanks for coming to the Zoo with us:)

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