Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cait's Big Girl Bed

Caitlyn has made a perfect transition to her big girl bed.  
She was so excited to go to the mattress store and get her own mattress.  She laid down in her new bed the first night and went right to sleep.  
No issues.
No drama.
So not like a few of our other kids!

Proud girl in her big girl bed!

We bought this trundle bed when Mikayla and Mailee first shared a room.  
I love it.
It is an awesome "first bed" for a toddler...
No rails.
No falling out.

See how her hands are on her hips?
She does this when she knows I am taking her picture.
It's her pose:)

Better view of the pose!

We are so proud of our little Caiters.
She is successfully sleeping in her big girl bed and working on potty training.
It's hard to believe she is this big already!!

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