Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Times

We have been busy visiting with Mike's Grandma from Winnipeg and of course the usual school, guitar, dance, etc. Mike went to a big Chiropractic seminar in Florida last week. He had a great time and came back really excited and encouraged. I have been taking a few cake jobs here and there but have scaled way back in preparation for baby.

Yesterday Mikayla came out of her room wearing her black and white striped sweater. Maddie and I copied her. We need to find a sweater like this for Mailee!!! Anyways, we took a few pictures just for fun. Here ya go!

Being silly for the photographer, Caleb (hence the hand in front of the lens)

All stripes!

Baby belly- 26.5 weeks


The Denis Family said...

you are such an awesome mom!

The Hayes Family said...

Love the baby belly! I can't wait to see you soon.