Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

For the last two weekends we have enjoyed the fun at a farm about 45 minutes out of town. It was so great last weekend, we came back for more! The weather was so beautiful today.
Check out that sky!!
Here are some highlights...
An update on Mailee's eye: here she is today, happy as ever. Her eye keeps changing colors! She has gotten a lot of attention! Next weekend is her birthday. I have a feeling she will not be 100% free of the black eye by then...

Mikayla and me enjoying a very cool place!

Caleb...digging. Some things never change :) I really like this picture!

Auntie Terri suggested that they make silly cute! Terri took lots of photos with her awesome camera, can't wait to see them!!!

1 comment:

P said...

I have heard fresh pinapple helps your body heal a bruise faster!
She has quiet the bruise going! Not sure if it will help before the birthday, but maybe worth the try. If it doesn't work, you still got to indulge on some yummy fruit!