Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Shiner!

Mikayla and Mailee collided on the trampoline on Thanksgiving...I'd say Mailee took the brunt of it, what do you think?

Oops! Sorry little sister!

My little Mai Mai has the best attitude! Even with her big black eye she is Smiley Mailee!

She now holds the tiltles of "kid with the worst chicken pox" in our family AND "first kid to get a shiner". She's on a roll!!

Check out all those amazing colors!!

I got Mailee a new water bottle for her birthday but I felt so bad for her, i gave it to her early:) Tonight we "bedazzled" it!!


Grandpa Russ said...

Ouch! That had to have hurt!

Glad she's still smiling!


Bev said...

Oh Mailee, what a shiner you have! Hope the jumping was fun!

The Hayes Family said...

I got a shiner too, jumping on a trampoline at gymnastics! You wear it well, Mailee!!

Jones Family Five said...

Wow I thought she was wearing some nice eyeshadow!!Way to go mailee- you wear it beautifully! And I must say your smiles make you all the more amazing!! Keep jumping (maybe not so close to Mikayla:) and keep smiling!

Christa said...

I remember my first shiner, playing broom hockey at Hume. Way to be ahead of the game, Mailee!

P said...

OH MY GOODNESS...That makes my eye hurt!