Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Our kids are growing too fast.

I just want to remember them at each age, each stage, 
each height, each haircut, 
baby teeth, no teeth, big teeth...
I love photographs for this reason.

Love Love Love!!!

This year we got family photos with the talented Clayton Arnall.

 I can't show you all of them because that would make getting a Christmas card from us quite boring!

I may have strategically placed a few pics around the blog tho...

Have you gotten your "Christmas card photos" yet?
Do you bother?
I think it's worth the "hastle"
{believe me, it takes a lot of work to make sure everyone is in clean clothes that kind of "go" and not everyone is always a willing participant...if you know what I mean...let's just say there are always a few "the quicker you smile the sooner it'll be done"'s heard}

Even so, it's something I get excited about every year!!
Looking at the pics tonight, I'm thrilled to have my family frozen in time.
In the fall of 2012.


Grandpa Russ said...

And it is SO nice to see all these pics of the kids as they grow up, too!

I love the Christmas present you've been giving me and your mom for the last several years, they're appreciated and enjoyed throughout the year.

Love to you all!

Hoa Bracken said...

Kids are growing too fast these days. It seems like yesterday you were just holding your babies in your arms, now, look at them! :) I admit, you only have a few pictures, but gosh, your family pictures are very awesome, Colleen, especially the second and the last pictures.

Lesley-Anne Evans said...

I think cards are awesome… even though I sometimes do the 'Smilebox' thing during the year, I try really hard to send real paper cards with handwritten notes and even photos at Christmas time. I keep hoping someone else in the family will help me, but that seldom happens. Good for you for being the mom you are with the priorities you have and still reaching out to others. Nice blog. Glad I found it.