Friday, September 21, 2012

Insta-Friday Homeschool Edition

The first three weeks of school are coming to a close.
I am taking a deep breath.

It was all about...

Wednesday tea and treats 

cute and very distracting little girls

breakfast, lunch, dinner, repeat

Waldo finding

Mommy decompressing

Family bio contest winning
{at the homeschool picnic}

Cute nephew visits

moody three year old moments

favourite dress wearing

fun times with JD
{our visitor for 3 weeks from Ohio}

desperate attempts to cling to a schedule
crazy frantic teacher-mommy
{followed by realizations that I'm a little bit high-strung and need to tone it down a bit}

Baby finding opportunities to get into things while I am teaching

Baby being cute

kid photoshoot

laundry pile-ups

ballet dancing babies

creative play dough playing at snack time

Friends over for an afternoon

spending gobs of time and cash at the dance store

moving to the next level in dance.
{making the time and effort and cash all worth it}

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Anonymous said...

Colleen, you never cease to amaze are such a wonderful and FUN Mom. Your kids have no idea, how BLESSED they are to have someone like You taking such a major part in their lives. God bless you, and may He give you the strength you need....each and every day!! Love Sandi XO