Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Half Moon Bay With The Newlyweds

We spent a glorious afternoon at our all time favourite Bay Area beach with Bri and Meg.

It was a beautiful day, so warm and sunny, a rare and unpredictable occurrence in this area.

At the top of the cliff, first breathtaking view.
Like seriously, its gorgeous.
cant. stop. staring.

Caleb made quick work of the watermelon.
See the cliffs in the background?  That's what we all scaled down to get to this beach.
That is probably why this beach is not littered with people.
There is a path but let me tell you, it's a trek.
The so worth it kind of trek.

Meg packed a picnic spread.
Meg and Bri are living in San Jose while Bri is at chiropractic school.
We got to spend two days with them.
It was so nice to see the newlyweds in their space!

Mads approved of the food.

Picnicking on the beach of an ocean is very different than the beach of a lake.
The sand feels clean.
The sound of the waves is soothing.
And the smell of salt good!

I didn't hear from Mailee the whole time.
She was enthralled.

Races with Aunty Meg.

Mads found lots of sea life.

My growing-too-fast kid.
Almost as tall as me.
It's a crime.
She does take a nice picture tho:)
{Ritz Carlton in the background.}

Caity and Aunty and footprints in the sand.

Can you see the sea star that the kids found?
{it's purple}

Racing with Daddy.

Searching for shells.

Family shot!
Seriously, how gorgeous is that background!?!? 
I can't get over it.

{caleb...ha ha.}

Eight in a row!
{Cambi refused to hold Daddy's hand}

Thanks for a fun day, we love you two!!

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