Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Happy Easter!  
We celebrated with the family out at the Stang's in Armstrong.
It was a gorgeous sunny warm day
{one of the first this spring}

Cambria got a lavender polka-dotted dress for her birthday last week so I decided to build our outfits around her new dress.

I love figuring out the color scheme and digging through the kids' closets to make it work.
{okay, I *may* have added a few new items to pull this off...}

Lots of pretty feet!

Big sister-Little sister.

Eggs we hollowed and decorated with craft paint and puff paint.

One for each kid.

Caleb's new lego.
{from his Easter "bucket"}

The Dads hide the eggs in our family.
Here the men are giving the kids the rules.
Here's how it goes down:
We get a package of plastic eggs (12) for each kid (10).
We fill the exact same thing into each set of 12 eggs and write initials on the eggs.
The Dads hide the eggs according to the age of the kid.
Each kid is only allowed to find their own eggs.
Is this too much control?
I'm okay with it, but I do like me a controlled environment:)

This system seems to work well for such a big group of kids with a large age span.
 How do you do it?

Yes, that's my son wearing sock feet outside.


These two just won't stop growing!!!

Little Bree stayed on the blanket and played with her eggs.

It was really bright for her!!

Baby cousins!

These two are so funny, they don't really interact at this stage but they are so cute to watch as they do their own thing next to each other!

Happy Easter from the Banman 8!


Kelley said...

Egg hunt: The way y'all did it is ideal. I know several families that do it just like that and everyone's happy.

Jill Macknicki said...

Nope, I don't thing the egg hunt rules are too controlling. I like it. We do color coded eggs. Everyone gets the same thing in their eggs. They hunt for the same number of eggs and all of their eggs are one color (i.e. Zoe might find all the green ones, Noah all the blue, another cousin all the pink etc.)

Bev said...

Love, love, love the Easter outfits colors! The babie's shoesies are so cute!! Oh how I miss these special occasions!