Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day Of School 2011

We started school today!
I have 4 school aged kids!

(stick with me...there's a video at at the end!!!)

Meet my students....

Caleb Michael
Loud, boisterous, clever, into puzzles and lego and baseball.

Maddie Faith
Can-do attitude, precise, math-minded, observant, loves animals and purple.

Mailee Joy
Careful, imaginative, sensitive, detail oriented, loves all things pretty and romantic.

Mikayla Grace
Organized, ambitious, responsible, intuitive, loves reading and quality time.

The classroom line-up!

We have a little sweetheart that will be doing preschool alongside the big kids.
Here she is!

Caity Hope
Confident, clever, determined, loves pink, potty training and reading stories.

Our kids with the Principal!

Teacher and her students.

The kids are obsessed with lockers.  This is something we do not have in our {home}school.  Today they were talking about a hilarious poem about a locker. (They saw this on Good Luck Charlie) They decided to act it out for their first day project.

Check it out.


Obwald Family said...

uuu-dorable!! super cute! miss you all and glad to see school was off to a cute and fun start! Cohl started science class today and soccer. The girls had ballet. Whew! time for bed :)

Bev said...

Wow!! you all look so nice for the first day of school! Kids are looking right in style, all with their own twist on fashion! The teacher looks gorgeous!!! I loved the locker presentation....great interpretation....nice costuming...well in sinc...great triangle man...cute ending!!!!k Keep those projects coming! Banman Academy rocks!

Stacey Munro said...

We love Good Luck Charlie.We watch it as a family, Tanner included, lol. Great outfits! Your school looks like way more fun than mine. Miss you guys!

colleen banman said...

thanks guys! it was a fun day. Oh Mom, love your support and encouraging words!!

Erin- yes, that sounds super busy! our activities start next week..YIKES!!!

Stacey, I am SURE you are a fabulously fun teacher:)

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