Thursday, July 23, 2009

Basement Update

Things are moving along in the basement. Here are some of the details..

This was a door to the garage. We have another door from the house to the garage so we decided to frame this one in and give ourselves more room space, less hallway. Goodbye door!

This was a door to the basement. This was almost always closed because of the horrifying state of disaster in the basement. Now that we will have bedrooms downstairs, we decided the door won't need to be closed...

So out it went! This opens up our entry way even more and should help to connect the kids that live downstairs with the rest of the fam that is upstairs.

Before the basement could be renovated, we had to get all the junk out. Mike put up tons of awesome shelves in the garage and got me some new tubs to store all our "stuff". It feels good to have everything in happy little rows, all labeled and organized.

1 comment:

Grandpa Russ said...

Hey -

Could you send Mike & Brian down to help us move and organize things??

I mean, they should have the basement done by the end of the month, which fits the Fresno schedule perfectly!