Monday, December 28, 2009

Snot Sauce

Here is my sweet boy trying out his new "inline skates". Cool stuff!

In the car the other day Caleb shared this little nugget of information...

(in a sharply louder-than-normal-people-talk voice): "MOM! If I snuff my nose really hard I get a bunch of snot sauce in my mouth!"
How does a mommy of 4 girls and one boy respond to such a comment? My white flag went up, I had nothing. Nothing. I pronounced this concept "gross" and he smiled at me contently.
What a guy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Week In Banmanland

I am having too much fun with my Mom to sit at the computer for too long but here is a little run-down of the happenings around here:)

At the chior performance with Mikayla

Maddie and all her friends from her kindergarten class just before their performance at the Christmas concert at school. (can you find my girl?)

Caleb enjoying the show!

Grandma Bev enjoying the girls at Maddie's Christmas party in kindy. (do you like Cait's baby legs as much as I do??)

My little precious dolly exploring Christmas!

My big girl :)

Mailee's curls for her Christmas show at school.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smootie Sucker

Cait loves smoothies. The other day I made a smoothie for the family and we were all drinking away when we noticed that Cait was agitated. She was grunting and crying and she was giving us all the "mad face". We tried all the obvious things: checked her bum, showed her some toys, changed her surroundings, offered her a chance to nurse, all with no satisfaction. I carried her back into the kitchen and took a sip of my smoothie and Cait came unglued. Her little birdie mouth opened up wide and she kicked her feet. It was instantly clear what she wanted! Here she is enjoying *my* smoothie!

Win Free Bows!!

Look how cute my friend's little girl Tanner is!

She is sporting some cute lavendar bows from Fig & Ruby kids (otherwise knows as...ME!) I am feeling generous and selfish all at once right now; selfishly I reeeally want to see photos of everyone wearing their bows and to make this happen, I am generously giving away not one but TWO $10.00 gift certificates to Fig & Ruby Kids! Go to the bow blog to check out the details!!!

The drawing is happening december 10th at 10pm so hurry up and get as many entries into the draw as possible!!!